Orlando MBDA Business Center

The U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is the only federal agency solely dedicated to the growth and global competitiveness of minority business enterprises.

About Us

The Orlando MBDA Business Center is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), and operated by 3D Strategic Management, Inc.

Orlando MBDA Business Center Leadership Team

Kimberly Rosier Jean-Louis, MBA


Kimberly Rosier Jean-Louis, MBA, is the owner and CEO of 3D Strategic Management, Inc. 3D Strategic Management, Inc., is a full-service business development and community relations firm. The firm also provides strategic business development serves to clients across the world.

Kimberly owns more than 23 years of experience in business diversity programs and community relations. She has worked in the Florida governor’s executive office, at Pepsi Company, Orange County Public Schools, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (Orlando Airport) as a consultant for the Florida Department of Transportation and the United States Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency. In each position, Kimberly worked one-on-one with diverse businesses, providing business development that empowered each business to reach its goals – impacting thousands of firms around Florida. Recognized as a Minority Business Advocate, she has conducted hundreds of presentations on business development and how to do business with various entities in Florida. Kimberly serves as the United States President Biden’s African-American & Rural Stakeholder (Office of Public Engagement).

As the previous director of the Orlando MBDA business Center (2018-2019), Kimberly led her team of 12 internal/consultants to two national performance awards. The team was ranked third in the nation. Also, they assisted clients with the most jobs created in the nation.

Stephany DeSue

Senior Business Consultant

Stephany DeSue brings over 27 years of executive leadership and multidisciplinary experience in the public, nonprofit and private sectors, focusing on creating sustainable solutions for clients. Stephany is experienced in working with diverse populations, underserved communities, and small and minority businesses throughout the state of Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, West Virginia, and Ohio through the DOT (Department of Transportation). We develop tailored plans and processes for small and minority business, marketing strategies to gain access to new opportunities, outreach and recruiting for the public sectors that need to meet specific goals with a hands-on approach.

Mrs. DeSue has received numerous awards and accolades for her work from the District of Columbia Housing Authority and The City of Baltimore Housing Authority. Her work with these quasi-governmental organizations provided on-the-job training programs, employment, and contracting opportunities for small minority businesses in underserved communities under the federal policies of Section 3 programming.

Mrs. Desue assisted in the development of a database tracking system for small minority businesses and created a training program for ex-felons who were interested in the construction industry. This program provided on the job training with guaranteed employment once completed, with 100% success rate. Mrs. DeSue has worked on over $79M in projects in the state of Florida providing oversite to MBE’s, (Minority Business Enterprise) for project opportunities to meet contract goals and exceeding those goals.

Marcel Brown

Business Development Specialist

Marcel Brown brings over 10 years of management experience in hospitality, business administration and marketing to the Orlando MBDA Business Center; none of which is more valuable than his passion for assisting minority business enterprises. Through his multiple business ventures and philanthropic efforts in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY Marcel has dedicated his time to providing business owners with the knowledge and resources they need to grow. Marcel now has roots in Central Florida and is excited to bring is expertise to the area.

Marcel’s journey is directly aligned with the mission of the MBDA and 3D Strategic Management; providing minority business enterprises with the resources needed to compete and expand.

Kristi Jones

Office Manager

Kristi Jones joined our Orlando MBDA Business Center office with over 15 years of management experience in customer service and business administration roles. Jones is passionate about helping people and being active in her community. Jones has worked in management for multiple GEICO offices, Farmers Insurance, and Target. Throughout her years in management, she has dedicated her time to assisting with the communication and organization required to keep day-to-day business moving productively and efficiently. Jones has lived in Florida for over 8 years, and recently moved to Central Florida about a year ago. She is excited to be able to use her skillset to help businesses in the Sunshine State grow and flourish.  


Harvey W. Hawkins, III

Senior Federal Procurement Consultant

Mr. Hawkins has been involved in heavy highway construction, airport construction, underground utility, and commercial construction for over 40 years. He has been in the roles of Construction Project Manager and Construction Project Administrator for various engineering and construction firms and has worked throughout the State of Florida. Mr. Hawkins has also been in the role of Senior Consultant, involved with the Florida Department of Transportation’s DBE Supportive Services, primarily working in developing relationships between major prime contractors and DBE, small business subcontractors, especially regarding design-build projects.

Mr. Hawkins brings to the Orlando MBDA Business Center and its clients, extensive knowledge regarding contracts, joint venture agreements, vendor purchase/supplier agreements and an understanding of regulations regarding DBE and MBE designations. This enables Mr. Hawkins to work alongside DBE and MWBE contractors and vendors in the effort to secure Federal, State and Municipal related infrastructure projects, either as a prime or a subcontractor.

Leyla Colon

Business Development Specialist

Leyla Colon brings to the Orlando MBDA Business Center’s Federal Procurement Supplement (Infrastructure Initiative) her years of experience as an administrator and researcher in the construction industry. Colon’s background working closely with architects and engineers has been valuable to the MBDA’s Infrastructure Initiative program. Colon’s strategic knowledge aids in educating and promoting clients about the upcoming 22.7 Billion coming to Florida. Colon has been able to successfully assist minority business clients obtain certifications or capability statements, joining teaming agreements, contract sourcing and increase information regarding outreach meetings. Colon also supports the team in all aspects of the program including bilingual and multicultural resources.

Clients Served

Our clients are U.S. minority business enterprises (MBEs) owned and operated by African Americans, Asian Americans, Hasidic Jews, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders with at least 51% control of the business.

Business Partners

Our four Associate Committees include high ranking officials of agencies in the following areas: Finance, Government, Construction, and Tourism/Hospitality. Our committees have members from various parts of Central and Northern Florida. Our business partners include large financial agencies and credit unions, large global construction firms, amusement parks, and governmental representatives. These entities were chosen because they exemplify a commitment to equity and diversity, and have the ability to help our business center clients grow locally and globally.

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The Orlando MBDA Business Center offers an array of holistic business development trainings, specialized individual consulting services, access to capital, targeted networking, contract sourcing, teaming and mentorship opportunities. These services are designed to increase MBE profits and job growth, and expand brand footprints in local, national and global markets.